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But knowledge comes with a heavy price. And while they confront the strange and dan MORE His hunger for one woman will make him a traitor to his world…. Noah likes people watching, so when he notices a cute gay couple who don't seem to have a reflection, he's fascinated. They can't actually be vampires, can they? As he learns more about the enthralling pair, h MORE As the second son, Liam Reed never expected to be a werewolf Alpha. New house. New lover. New life. Way too much newness on top of a pregnant mate.

Things should get…interesting. According to the priests of Arizia, the first shifters were once only beasts, not human at all. They took human form because of lust. They stayed in human form because of love.

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Ben flees his home in the middle MORE Sequel to Awakening the Alpha Blaze flies to see his sexy lover Logan, who is being honored as featured artist by the National Museum of the American Indian. Blaze is captivated by what the exhibits and ground MORE Bestsellers 14 Days Updated Daily. Tweets by sirenbookstrand. Will Adrienne try to escape from the fascinating, seductive Wilder thinking that a life with Paul is a better alternative? UK science fiction, shifter romance, erotic romance, UK erotic romance, UK adult romance, UK freebie romance, UK paranormal romance, UK freebie paranormal werewolf romance, UK fantasy romance, erotic shifter romance, shifter romance, shifter romance, shifter romance, shifter romance.

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This book is now combined with the short stories below to make a novel. Cover art by Swoon Worthy Book Covers. When Kingsley Anderson ask her to move her car, she shoots him the finger.

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Raven promptly packs her things and leaves his company. Kingsley Anderson has a bit of a problem. Time is running out, and the moon is full. When he meets Raven in the garage of his building, he selects her to become his mate. How will he convince Raven, a stubborn, strong-minded black woman to sire his pups when she thinks there is no such thing as a Werewolf? UK romantic multiracial erotic bwwm fiction, UK romantic interracial paranormal fiction, UK erotic multiracial romance, multiracial bwwm erotic paranormal romance, UK romantic fiction, UK romance, UK historical fiction, UK romance, UK erotica, UK erotica romance, 1st in a series free, UK erotic fiction, UK erotic romance paranormal fiction, UK fiction, free UK fiction, UK romance, UK free first in series, free, free, freebie UK erotica fiction, new adult erotica fiction, erotic romance, romance, free 1st in series billionaire interracial romance, bwwm, bwwm, interracial, interracial, interracial fiction, woman's fiction, interracial UK erotic fiction, free, free, 1st in series.

Will Elizabeth learn the secret her husband is hiding? The billionnaire Charles St. John who has asked Alex to marry him, has convinced Alex that he is a more suitable man to prevent Max from controlling Alex's life. John's proposal to marry, and is he hiding a secret of his own? Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Arrivals. Rice September 24, Add to Wishlist Free Ebook.

The moon is full, the lone wolf needs are great. The violence of the Inquisition is more deeply embedded in American consciousness than the mock violence of vampire lore. At the very center of BtVS is an occult library, and in those obscure books which no one read anyway are to be found the reasons why Buffy is allowed to get away with murder. The Logic of Practice. Translated by Richard Nice. Stanford: Stanford University Press, Cohn, Norman. New York: Basic Books, Forsyth, Neil. Ginzburg, Carlo. Translated by John and Anne Tedeschi.

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, Klaniczay, Gabor. Translated by Susan Singerman. McClelland, Bruce. Charlottesville: Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Virginia, McGinn, Bernard. San Francisco: Harper San Francisco, Stoyanov, Yuri. London: Penguin Books, Werewolves, incubi, succubi. See also Stoyanov Meric Casaubon in edited and published a transcription of a mystical work that involved automatic writing between Dr. John Dee, mathematician and alchemist to Elizabeth Regina, and Edward Kelley, an alchemist-magician whose reputation did not stand up quite so well. The manuscript purported to have been dictated by the Angels in a language called Enochian, which had its own mystical quasi-Hebrew-quasi-alchemical alphabet.

Merrick so spelled is a common enough Anglo name, while Meric Casaubon is relatively obscure. A coincidental vampire connection is noted in Donald C. John Dee and Edward Kelley : Prague during the reign of King Rudolf II was devoted to the Hermetic arts and sciences which fascinated its monarch to the exclusion of all else.

King Stephen of Poland, who had his seat at Cracow, was related to the Hungarian Bathori family which legend identifies with Count Dracula. We feel our way as we go along. Admittedly, they also love brushes with the supernatural, snappy dialogue, trendy clothes, pretty people, sweltering smoochies, and the occasional bleachedblonde British vampire, but nothing pulls them in like an overhead shot of a man in tweed thumbing through a dusty, leatherbound book.

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Sadly, squeezing all the requisite trappings of vampire-slaying into forty-five minutes of television time places severe limitations on how much research work can be depicted in each episode. To keep viewers coming back for more, the series teases them with only a few scant moments of tantalizing page-turning per week. Research once offered Buffy the Vampire Slayer a degree of internal unity: the team rendezvous in the library regularly served as a kind of familiar, and often comfortingly familial, intermission between an initial encounter with a threat and the informed response to follow.

Reassuring rapport, playful banter, and hushed discussion of the dangers ahead reigned over these calm intervals of intelligence-gathering, and the knowledge gained in these relatively quiet cabals ordinarily proved equal to the confrontations to follow.

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The characters grew and their relationships changed, but their common alliance against the assorted evils of Sunnydale remained constant. In light of the events of the fourth season, the destruction of the library in the battle with the Mayor at the close of the third seems emblematic of a decisive shift in the role of research in the series. The loss of the library occasions physical displacement and movement outward, and Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Xander begin to forge more fully separate lives as individuals, exploring identities beyond the protective enclosure of the group.

Both, however, are victims of comparable tragedies. The growth of their relationship, as a consequence, is contingent on the ebb and flow of reciprocal discovery. Buffy, in turn, gathers that her assigned Watcher is more than just a wooden functionary, and she develops a profound trust in his guidance and his friendship. His knowledge, he quickly learns, must be fitted to her power; the converse simply does not work. He must, in essence, transform occult research into practical knowledge, something the team can reason with and ultimately apply.

Giles also makes the necessary leap of faith common to all good librarians: He bridges the chasm between the information as it lives in the text and the transfer of that information into a form the Slayerettes and Buffy can actually use. Sometimes that means literal translation, other times it means recasting what he reads into stories, tag lines, or aphorisms that make sense to the teens he serves. In his own vampiric way, however, he is also responsible for infecting the group with his contagious appetite for knowledge.

Knowledge in the series does not simply turn up in the pages of rare books: it issues from every moment of group interaction, from every discovery Buffy, Giles, Willow, and Xander make about each other and about themselves. Dynamic and fluid, it moves in fits and starts, engaging the entire team in different ways on different occasions.