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These three forces could also be called pushing, resisting, neutralizing or one, two, three, or active, passive, reconciling, but again all are necessary morally neutral forces from which a totally new fourth arises. The identities reveal themselves situationally.

24 Best Visionary Women images | Badass women, Women, Half the sky

The forces are assigned according to the roles that they are actually playing, not according to preformed judgements or expectations. The second force denying, passive, resisting is never an obstacle to be overcome but is always a legitimate and essential component of the new manifestation. The third force reconciling, neutralizing emerges when it is spotted. It is always present in every situation but is often hidden. The fourth force new arising is a new phenomenon, a new world, a new outcome, a new possibility.

New manifestations arise out of old ones along a very specific path of interaction. Having identified an example of the Law of Three working in my own life, I would like to try to apply the Law of Three to some of the twenty women presented in Praying with Visionary Women. In some instances I will have to make a leap and assume what is not directly stated. In others, the Law of Three is clear to me. In many of the cases, the denying force appears to be a man, but men also appear to be the affirming force in several instances. The Law of Three was clearly at work in St. Brigit was ordained a bishop by Bishop Mel.

In this instance, he was the affirming or pushing force. It would seem that the bishop and his assistant were also filled with the Holy Spirit as the objection was overcome and Brigit functioned as a valid bishop in the church. The new arising? Margaret of Scotland herself seemed to be the reconciling force in her story. With the weakened faith community pushing force and a complacent clergy and hierarchy resisting force , Margaret herself was the agent for change reconciling or neutralizing force.

Medieval women's mysticism

She called for synods and councils, a transformation of the church. The affirming force in this instance is the mystical visions themselves. The fact that Hildegard fell ill following her visions is the denying force. She was incapable of action.