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Put the hog brains out in the sun for 2 or 3 days. If you start with soured brains , it will speed the process up. You need to have the cheese grated in some way. I have a friend who runs it through a meat grinder. The bait will swell and needs the space to expand.

How do you deal with unsupportive family members?

If the brains were real funky before you started it will take about 2 weeks before the fermenting slows down. If maggots get started , no problem , they will die quickly. If you try one of these recipes listed, give us a shout and let us know how it works by leaving a comment below or contacting us on Twitter. These in depth guides will put you on the fast track to success catching channel catfish based on my experience of over fifteen years as a professional catfish guide.

Finally, check out this article on some of my other favorite catfish baits my top picks. Chad Ferguson is a pro catfish guide with over fifteen years experience fishing professionally for catfish, outdoor writer, photographer and noted authority on catfish fishing. Get more exclusive catfish fishing tips here by email , make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Instagram and Twitter. I put my bait up with the ones you say are good. And my bait bet all of them every time.

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My bait went up with team catfish baits and I got more catfish then it. Put those proven recipes on here.

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My question is about the bells of hell bait. Second, why is it targeted just towards channel cats? I know blue prefer live bait but i figured it would work for all cat species. And what are some good binding agents to use for bare hooks? Thank you. Cattail fuzz usually found around creeks and ponds is the best natural binding agent. Also cotton as an alternative, be sure to tear into small pieces. We make our own catfish bait. My dad used to make a. Dough bait when I was a kid.

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Never thought hev would leave us so early so didnt pay attention to how he made it. It was a good bait. Can u give me some recipe for a dough bait. Look on YouTube for home made playdought. Work , you get anise oil from a drug store. You will catch many fish with this, I bass fish and put some anise oil on a plastic worm just to see,I set the hook and thought I hooked a log it was a 10 lb cat I look over and yelled at my wife at the time and told her to grab her pole before it went in the water another big cat,my father in law at the time was watching us fish and he was standing on a pumping badge I yelled at him his rod and reel was hung on the top bar of a hand rail,he reeled in a nice cat also,this was at Rockefeller refuge in Louisiana.

Another Way I like with this mix is add night crawlers or just hook up a night crawler and put a drop of anise oil on it. If you made the bells of hell stink bait.

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I love the bells of hell stink bait and I will use it a lot. I recommend the bells of hell stink bait if you can make it and have the stuff to make it. He stated about 20 minutes.

Homemade Catfish Bait Secrets (12 Catfish Bait Recipes)

To be honest, I have never had caught a single fish with any commercial catfish bait available in my area Oklahoma with the exception of Secret Using surgical stretch tubing works excellent for holding any type of bait on your hook. Turn it inside out where the knot is in the inside. Push hook through the tubing just above the bait and start twisting the hook. The stretch tubing will get tighter and tighter and your bait will protrude through the netting of the tube.

Then slide the ball of the bait up the hook and then push hook into the center mass of the bait. This way you can use circle hooks with all of your baits. Punch baits, dip baits, liver…no matter how soft or creamy, it will all stay on your circle hook. Forget the treble hook. The Channel Cats loved it and it was easy to make. I would love to find that fishing hole again, but it has been way to many years.

I will be making a trip to Iowa to pick up a couple 5 gallon buckets before summer. Also have you ever tried the blood bait? I am curious how well it works. BUT, in the big ponds, the shad or bluegills live or cut work very well.

The Untold Stories of Paul McCartney

Of the stink baits that are at retail stores, which is the best. I have tried secret seven and others no luck, is there something that I can add to make it better? What can I use as a good dough bait? In retail stores,no but i swear by sureshot,i live a couple hours from where the guy makes it so i drive out a couple times a year and grab some but you can order it from him and have it mailed. Just look up bennys sure shot. Now that I live in South Carolina going to try again since I have a bunch of it. Does anyone use Danny Kings?

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  7. It worked really well here in East TN. We were catching channels from 1 to 7lbs. When I go to lake fork Texas. Anyone near Texarkana make bells of hell stink bait? Going down that way at end of June and would pay good for a jar. Great recipes. But my wife says that if I want to make Belles of hell recipe she sure will miss me.

    Will you give us the recipe to make the redneck catfishbait soap.