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International Standard Book Number

A great overview of the lessons of Charlie Munger partner of Warren Buffett - and his approach to checklists of multi-disciplinary models to guide clear thinking. Main point: if you can just avoid mistakes, you're doing better than most.

So it's a catalog of the most common or important mistakes. Focused on investing, but can be applied to life. The fixed mindset is very harmful in every area of life work, art, relationships, business, etc. We get our initial mindset from our environment.

Rocket Reinforcement

Great how-to guide about being a micropreneur: an entrepreneur running many small but profitable businesses. Great thoughts about writing mostly books from one of the most successful writers ever. Oddly doubles as an autobiography, telling many stories about his life from childhood. So beautifully written with astounding insights into culture and happiness.

German Genealogical Word List

Been thinking about it for weeks afterwards. Absolutely my favorite author and advisor on the subject of investing. Anyone with any money to invest or already invested please read this book. Such clear thinking, using only facts, and using numbers not guesses. Modern portfolio theory: use passive indexes of the entire market, no speculation, no stock picking, and avoid the entire fee-sucking financial industry. Brilliant book with one clear message: our emotional brain is faster and usually smarter than our logical brain.

Our emotions are trained by years of logic and experience, retaining it all for real wisdom. Many decisions are better made by going with the gut feeling. A great book showing that deep practice - struggling in certain targeted ways - operating at the edges of your ability, where you make mistakes - experiences where you're forced to slow down, make errors, and correct them - is what really makes you improve at anything. Brilliant succinct wisdom on creativity from an artist.

Seth Godin says, "Hugh harangues and encourages and pushes and won't sit still until you, like him, are unwilling to settle. Even those that prefer not to read much. Wonderful considerate book about conversational people skills. Gives specific instructions that are really useful for people who are not naturals. Just do what this book says, and people will warm up to you. New scientific insights into why our brains work this way, and how to use what we now know to learn or work better. One of my favorite authors, and a massive inspiration for my e-book. Required reading for business-owners and investors.

A collection of his short insightful posts from his blog, all thought-provoking and inspiring for anybody marketing anything, even music. Classic book with near-cult following. How to manage every last itty bitty tiny thing in your life. Keep your inbox empty.

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Warning: some think this book is pure evil. But power exists, so it can only help to understand it better, even if you choose not to wield it. Au Contraire, about the French, is the other. I re-read it now 11 years later, and loved her insights and writing. Active anthropology. A quick, entertaining, and informative book focusing on the effects of timing on your life.

A unique thinker with strong opinions presented as indisputable fact. Extremely thoughtful, but occasionally abruptly concludes with an unsupported point.

German phrasebook - Wikitravel

Legendary book about making relationships work, recommended by many. Main point is that we're looking for our partner to heal childhood wounds. A must-read if you're near the start of a serious relationship. Great thoughts on creating a timeless masterpiece whether music, book, or any art - and then promoting it. Very inspiring for any creator. Very serious and scholarly. Advises to read books that are above your current ability. A very specific methodology is given. Read books twice, ask questions while reading, answer those questions, then summarize and criticize afterwards.

The point is to grow up to the level of the author. Profound truths and bold opinions on discipline, life, and love, written by a psychiatrist in It's been a best-seller all these years for a good reason. Grit is her word for persistence, focus, endurance, and constant improvement. Great thoughts on this point.

If interested in it, also read the books here about deliberate practice. What are today's technologies inevitably going to lead to?