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Scam artists frequently use cold calling as a method to defraud, which further hampers the effectiveness of legitimate cold calling. Consider the movie "Boiler Room" in which a room of stockbrokers, crammed into tight cubicles, call names from paper lists hoping to pitch them on obscure stocks.

The movie accurately portrays cold calling as a numbers game. The brokers receive far more rejections than acceptances.

Some brands are known for their door-to-door operations. Southwestern Advantage, an educational book publisher, employs mostly college students to canvass residential neighborhoods. Likewise, Kirby Company sends its salespeople door-to-door selling high-end vacuum cleaners to homeowners.

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This allowed consumers to opt out of cold calls for a period of five years. After five years they simply had to re-register. By , the registry topped million numbers and has continued to grow. After numerous lawsuits from the telemarketing industry, courts upheld the legalities of the Do Not Call Registry, essentially bringing cold calling to an end for financial advisors.

Cold Calling Techniques -

But the registry only applies to households—not businesses. As a result, financial professionals can still cold call businesses. The good news is that with businesses, the payoff is potentially much higher. Some advisors use the strategy of asking specific questions and offering free advice based on the response. The advisor might make suggestions of companies to check out and offer to do some research and get back to them.

Cold Calling Tips: 17 Proven Techniques to Master Your Cold Calls

This soft-sell approach has worked well for some advisors, especially those early in their careers. Career Advice. Cold calling takes time and effort, so you want to be certain that both are spent wisely. Focus on the purpose.

What Is Cold Calling?

The purpose of a cold call is to make an appointment for a longer conversation, either in person or on the telephone. Don't try to sell or close the deal, just close on the next step--the prospect's commitment to spend a few minutes with you. Use a brief sales script. You've got about ten seconds--that's about two sentences--to prove that you're worth the prospect's time and attention.

Cold Calling Scripts And Phone Sales Tips / Mike Brooks

More than that and the prospect will hang up, or say anything to get you off the line. Only call decision-makers. You can ask all your fact finding questions during the real sales call but this is just one filter question to make sure there is a potenital to sell something. No salesman wants to have scheduled appointment in his agenda with a lead that has to few employees for his training-service or just renewed all of his computers and is definitely not interested in buying new ones again.

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Having troubles getting to the decision-maker in the first place and getting stuck at the gatekeeper? Awesome experience! It is just amazing post, learnt a lot from it. Very interesting one!

What’s social selling?

Keep going and write such posts in the future. Thank you! The qualifier question is always critical. Such a fact-finding question gives you an idea about the sales potential. Hence, it would be nice to keep this in mind the next time you are locked in an appointment. Time is money and everyone in the world is running around quickly to save money by saving time.

In the business world, it becomes even more natural.